Is Boostfy a Scam?
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Warning! Read our extensive review of Boostfy.

Boostfy Instagram customers are in real trouble! If you are searching for the best tool that provides Instagram services legitimately, then forget about Boostfy Scam. People ask that is Boostfy legit. Let’s dig out what is Boostfy Scam in reality!

Boostfy is a simple Instagram bot. They are free for the most basic features, and you must pay for the more advanced features. We advise caution on Instagram bots.

Our Boostfy Review process follows a strict protocol covering site security, current customer reviews, validity of the service, contact information and visible pricing information.

Our review of Boostfy will have a scale point system of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest. Boostfy does not offer any coupon discounts or coupon codes.

Boostfy Reviews

What is Boostfy?

Boostfy Instagram is a typical bot used for Instagram, tenders the standard aspects you suppose from such kind of tools. Boostfy Instagram offers 7 day free trial services as a starter package, but later the customers have to pay beyond their thought.

According to their official website the engagement, likes, comments and followers are real. They are using genuine automation bot to increase the likes and followers. Is Boostfy safe? Many people seek clarification of is Boostfy legit.

Main Features of Boostfy

Every bot offers free of cost trial at first. Boostfy Instagram do the same but when you want to test the upgraded services, they make you to pay for their advanced services. Really, is Boostfy legit?

If you put a glance on the Boostfy Scam website, you can see some features there;

  • Like New Users
  • Get noticed by new users
  • Get more followers and likes

  • It’s done!

    What Do They Cost?

    They offer fundamental pricing plans. According to their website, they offer Free Trial, Monthly Payments, and long term options. The prices are not so high, but it does not matter what the price is, as you don’t get what they propose.

    Is Boostfy Legit?


  • Secure Site
  • Visible Price Plans
  • Having a secure site of review is really an important thing and knowing how much you have to pay as well.

  • Cons

  • No extensive FAQ page/No Help page
  • Lack 24/7 customer support system
  • No Boostfy reviews display on the website
  • No verified payment methods

  • Is Boostfy Safe?

    According to Boostfy Reviews, Boostfy Instagram service is not safe at all, so it should be avoided. All across the web, Boostfy reviews are very negative.

    Finding negative Boostfy reviews will not be an easy task. But you can visit Quora and the small business blog for more clear alternatives of Boostfy. This is trustworthy source for this diligence. Keep yourself safe from such type of fake services!

    Instagram Boostfy Review

    A review of Boostfy's Service

    IGReview has reviewed Boostfys service and looked for reviews about there service. Beware! Boostfy advertise as real followers and engagements, however they datamine your account and don't provide any free service.

    Our review of Boostfy's service followed these 7 areas;

    Https secure site

    Real onsite reviews

    Visible prices

    Verified Payment Gateways

    FAQ and help page

    24/7 customer support with active account managers on standby

    Email, phone and form fill present on Boostfy site

    IGReviews Overview: 3/10

    We believe it is fair that Boostfy is rewarded with 3/10.

    We advise caution as this website is claiming to give free, real followers. However these types of websites are notorious for datamining and even taking your account.

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    Boostfy Risk Factor

    Boostfy Risk Factor

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    Customer Reviews:

    Alyssa |

    ... I went to the website and entered my ig account and password I imediatelly knew that it is a scam and I exit the website and went to instagram and a saw a message saying that someobe from sanfransisco tried to enter my ig and then i changed he passwor so it is a scam guys don't fall for it

    Posted 13th July, 2018

    Alyssa |

    Honestly, the CEO reached out to me to try this Boostfy thing. He gave me a 7 free day trial and I noticed a big hop in my Instagram reach. I was pretty satisfied with this until I got an email from them three days later saying my trial had ended. I checked the status on the page and it marked my subscription as stopped. I emailed them and had no response. I spent a small amount of money on getting a new subscription from them and it took my money, yet didn't do anything to my subscription status. I emailed them about it and have had no response within a month or two. So if I had to tell people something about this Boostfy thing... I'm gonna say this: Don't be an idiot and fall for the scam.

    Posted 27th May, 2018

    Ayesha |

    It’s total sh** if you ask me the moment I signed up o got blocked off my insta account. Been emailing and still no reply and I don’t know how to fix the problem. Even dm them form another account. Still not of any help. Avoid this at all cost a super scam. I totally regret joining

    Posted 27th May, 2018

    Alex, RU |

    I had a free 7 days trial of Boostfy. I noticed some advantages from using it. But the reason why I am not going to get a paid subscription is abosolutely 0 help from customer support! Moreover, the CEO of Boostfy (he also provides customer support) did not answer on my email in already 8 days, and I doubt he ever will. Same with Kate from customer support, I sent her 2 messages, one when I was still on the free trial period and 1 after, but she never even read them! Even contacting them on their Instagram account didn't help. Very surprising and very disappointed that a new company is so careless for it potential clients! For those, who still may consider to get a paid subscription, I'd like to point, that they promise around 960 likes per day, but in fact during 7 days trial Boostfy was liking only 574 likes per day. And I didn't not get a reply why so.

    Posted 8th February, 2018

    Karolina |

    I have paid for a month and used like two days ofit because after that program stopped working and they were not able to fix it. They don't want to give back money and offer more free days instead. What am I going to do with them if this is not working? Just don't even think about using it. Forget it!

    Posted 18th January, 2018

    Cherryl Joy |

    Their CEO emailed me and asked to tey Their C Boostfy, so as soon as I got a stable internet access and I triee and clicked and scroll on whatever I had to do. But then the next day I couldn't open my account anymore I recovered it just now by tge use of gmail. Such a dissapoint because I was really hoping they can help me boost my art account.

    Posted 29th December, 2017

    Nacho |

    Boostfy for me is legit. I like the fact that most of the real accounts follow me rather than bots. It really helps expose your Instagram profile.

    Posted 6th December, 2017

    Emmy |

    Everything worked great for a a month or two. Liking and getting several followers. Then it all came to a halt. I tried to cancel but it said i had a subscrption. I sent several emails only to get one email stating that they reached out to another team to get back with me. I sent several complaining on the communication and service. Keep your money and get a reputable company with reliable service.

    Posted 30th November, 2017

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