Is Influx Social a Scam?
Influx Social Review

Warning! Read our extensive review of Influx Social.

Influx Social is a company that offers a book related to growing your Instagram account. We've seen some reviews online stating that the information is common sense and unnecessary. The website is nice although very basic and lacking information as to what you will actually get from this product.

Our Review process follows a strict protocol covering site security, current customer reviews, validity of the service, contact information and visible pricing information.

Our review of Influxsocial will have a scale point system of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest. Influxsocial does not offer any coupon discounts or coupon codes.

Influx Social Review

Without thinking about the outcomes, people dive into the ocean of Instagram service providers. Later they have to bear the long run consequences of fake and outrageous services. Influx social is one of the Instagram services to increase the engagement and growth rate of Instagram.

What is Influx Social?

It is an Instagram bot that uses to grow your business without being online all the time. Influx social service providers claim themselves as a bot for auto followers and a software application to promote your Instagram business. According to influx social website, they boost your following and engagement rate with other people who are related to your business field.

Nobody can always actively stay online, so influx social services enable you to do your daily activities freely without stressing about their online account. With influx social, you can automate the process of being active.

Here you will see influx social review with all the positive and negative points of the service. Influx social review will make you able to distinguish between fake and real Instagram service providers.

Main Features of Influx Social

According to Influx social review, you will get faster services than similar bots. Influx social strongly helps you with both personal and business purposes. You can have control over your following and likes by using several filters available in influx social service. It helps to target people who interact directly to your posts.

Influx social helps you out with your phone so that you don’t have to stay at home every time.

According to influx social review, they provide powerful analysis with reporting tools to optimize your growth. They have direct messaging options available as well, to interact with your followers according to your choice.

Influx social review has declared few downsides of the service; at first, they don’t have an auto comment feature. Another one is fast speeding which leads to influx social as one of the low-quality bots.

  • They offer 5 day trial for free
  • They have auto DM bot feature
  • They allow fast interaction without spam dealings
  • A feature of auto follower bot
  • A feature of auto like bot
  • They don’t have commenting feature with auto tools.
  • Very expensive fast speeding
  • To conclude the influx social review, I don’t recommend such kind of service who have risks. Well, it is already clear that Instagram has warned them for their fake services. So why would anyone take risk? Take a deep breath, stay calm and find some trustworthy source to grow your Instagram business!

Instagram Influxsocial Review

A review of Influx Socials Service

IGReview has reviewed Influx Social and looked for reviews about there service. The website lacks info and is a bit glitchy on mobile devices. There is not a very solid support system and it is difficult to tell if the reviews on the site are real or fake.

Our review of Instamacro's service followed these 7 areas;

Https secure site

Real onsite reviews

Visible prices

Verified Payment Gateways

FAQ and help page

24/7 customer support with active account managers on standby

Email, phone and form fill present on Influxsocial site

IGReviews Overview: -/10.

We believe it is fair that Influxsocial is rewarded with -/10.

Influxsocial seem to have been shut down from Instagram in 2017. They are now an eBook service.

Influx Social Risk Factor

Influx Social Risk Factor

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