Is Social Package a Scam?
Our Review of Social Package

Warning! Read our extensive review of Social Package.

Social Package is a black hat social media follower and likes provider. They provide instant results, however these profiles are fake.

Our Review process follows a strict protocol covering site security, current customer reviews, validity of the service, contact information and visible pricing information.

Our review of Social Package will have a scale point system of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest. Social Package does not offer any coupon discounts or coupon codes.

Instagram Social Package Review

A review of Social Package's Service

IGReview has reviewed Social Packages service and looked for reviews about there service. There are no reviews, testimonials or online reports of this website, they have a small social media presence.

Our review of Social Package's service followed these 7 areas;

Https secure site

Real onsite reviews

Visible prices

Verified Payment Gateways

FAQ and help page

24/7 customer support with active account managers on standby

Email, phone and form fill present on Social Package site

IGReviews Overview: 5/10.

We believe it is fair that Social Package is rewarded with 5/10.

The website offers what it sells, however they are a known blackhat follower service - use at your own risk.

Social Package Risk Factor

Social Package Risk Factor

Social10x - Trusted Service

Customer Reviews:

William |

Social package website lists no customer service contact, no physical address. I paid 10.00 for basic package and they never delivered. Impossible to contact. Promised delivery in 48 hrs and they did nothing after 9 days! Social package is scam.

Posted 8th May, 2018

Lorie |

Scam!!!! Just paid $20 for 1000 followers and I received NONE (48hrs later and counting). How is this website still up if they've had dozens of complaints??? This is not right!

Posted 26th April, 2018

Sara |

Total scam!! Don't use them. I purchase 1000 likes for a Facebook posting on April 9th and they had said in the ad to be completed within 24 to 48 hours. I emailed them and never got a response. Buyer be aware!! My bank was so kind to refund me my money bank.

Posted 16th April, 2018

Sam |

Not fair. They give you the followers in less then 5 min somehow and then eventually the number starts going down. So basically they want you to keep paying after 2-3 days if u want to keep showing good amount of followers on ur profile.

Posted 15th April, 2018

Kopar |

I wish I had read these reviews before I spent my $40

Posted 12th April, 2018

Shadi |

Pure scam in day light! I ordered 3000 followers, thinking I can grow my business with real engagement. I got the followers instantly. But the followers are either inactive or fake profiles and it has been 3 days and I lost 1000 of them so far. Many of the profiles are of minors and almost all of the profiles are from weird overseas countries. These followers don't advance your business, they harm it. I triggered inquiry with my bank to get my money back, because Social Package customer service never got back to me.

Posted 12th April, 2018

Hd |

I haven't received nothing I need my refund back or I'm calling the police. Real s**t don't be doing this s**t of you be scamming people. Real talk

Posted 12th April, 2018

Hd |

I haven't received nothing I need my refund back or I'm calling the police. Real s**t don't be doing this s**t of you be scamming people. Real talk

Posted 12th April, 2018

NB |

SCAMMERS! Do not use!!!

Posted 11th April, 2018

Julie |

Social Package is a SCAM!! Do not buy from them. Paid $26.99 for 3100 followers. Been two weeks, haven’t received one follower nor money back. They won’t even get back to you when you make a complaint. I filed with BBB and FBI. Hopefully they’ll get caught.

Posted 7th April, 2018

Chad |

Worst service ever, I ordered the 3000 followers package the 8th of march, didn’t get my followers within 48h(like they adverstise) contacted them many times and no response, so far absolutely no customer service. 5 days later, after I filed a claime with paypal, I received less than 1000 and half unfollowed me 5 min later, Buy at your own risk. I am cancelling everything and getting my money back

Posted 14th March, 2018

Aureliusimports |


Posted 12th March, 2018

Andrea, USA |

I have yet to receive the followers I’ve purchased and I’ve sent several messages. Can anyone please help me!?

Posted 6th March, 2018

Julian, USA |

I think Social Package is a scam! I purchased a package from them for 6000 Instagram followers and up to now I still have not received anything! I paid $49.99, which worked out to $65.22 Canadian. I placed my order on February 24th and I have gotten nothing! I had given an incorrect email address initially, but had sent them a message correcting that. To date, I still have not heard anything from them! I contacted my bank to see if they could reverse the payment, but they couldn’t. I know $65 is not a huge amount of money, but it’s still my hard earned money and this makes me extremely angry! I’m going to launch a complaint with the better business bureau and if necessary, contact the local authorities! I want my money back! These people are thieves!!

Posted 3rd March, 2018


They advertise delivery time being 15 mins, been waiting for over an hour with no changes to my followers. Tried to reach out to them however they "appear to be offline." Not a good start and I probably just threw away 5 bucks on this. lovely.

Posted 20th February, 2018

Rita, USA |

They are a scam. You lose followers left and right. No matter how many real people follow you from the public your followers still stay the same bc their fake insta accounts end up unfollowing you. I emailed them twice, no response. Garbage

Posted 11th February, 2018

Erika, USA |

They’re initial response was prompt, and the next thing I knew I went from 1,450 followers to 11,600. However, when I investigated the demographic profile of these followers, they were on average 18-25, and the VERY large majority are from Brazil, where (based on my experience of traveling there many times) most people do not speak English. When I tried to connect with Social Package again, to buy a very targeted add followers package (to get my Instagram demographics back to what I know my business demographics are, no reply after several attends to contact them via Instagram DM and email. Its like they disappeared, along with the 1,000 followers I’ve lost since I bought the package a week ago. Any suggestions for a company that can provide a lot of followers within the specific demographic I need, PLEASE email me and let me know.

Posted 9th February, 2018

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