Is Social Upgrade a Scam?
Our Social Upgrade Review

We have removed our Social Upgrader review due to potential of legal action.

After intensive research we found reputable website repdigger rates Social upgrade 47% reputation score.
Social upgrade has a bad reputation online, for bad communication, we have also recieved complaint submissions about this, you can also read other reviews here on websites that does NOT own.

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Everybody is looking for solutions to get their followers to increase in no time. Instant rise up in your engagement on Instagram may drive you towards different automation services. The social upgrade is one of them to provide followers fast.

Social Upgrade Review

What is Social Upgrade?

Tons of services are available online to assist you in growing your Instagram followers and likes. Social upgrade spread around different platforms that claim to help you increase your Instagram with organic marketing techniques.

Social upgrade review explains the social upgrade service as a source to get real growth and real people. According to the Social Upgrade service, no fake followers or likes they deliver. Social Upgrade review declares that this Instagram service offers active and organic people with their authentic marketing techniques.

The problem behind every Instagram service is that it gets banned from an Instagram social media platform. To know about the effectiveness and protection of Instagram growth services is really a crucial point.

That’s the reason behind this Social Upgrade review, to inform people about the practicality of Social Upgrade service. The social upgrade is one of the extensive Instagram services for increasing the followers.

Main Features of Social Upgrade

Social upgrade services procedure is uncomplicated and allows the customers to set it and leave it. Social upgrade review clear that they don’t demand any setup fees or downloading required to avail any service.

  • The Social upgrade service enables you to identify your targeted audience from any field of industry.
  • The social upgrade uses locations, hashtags, and usernames to approach your targeted audience.
  • They claim to grow your Instagram engagement and followers organically.
  • The Social upgrade services provide results quickly without any delays after signing up.
  • You can target the followers of your competitors with Social upgrade service.

  • The Social Upgrade review grabs these services from the official website of Social Upgrade.

    What Do They Cost?

    Social upgrade review sees simple prices on their website, just as they offer convenient service.

    Standard Package: Get 65% growth rate with just $39 per month

    Turbo Package: Get 100% growth without any delays with just $99 per month

    You will get the following results by subscribing these packages;

  • Organic growth of Instagram
  • Organized strategy
  • Pure protection
  • Targeted audience

  • Is Social Upgrade Safe?

    According to social upgrade review, the official website states that this service is not verified or approved by Instagram. They grow your Instagram following and likes. According to several resources, the social upgrade can hurt your account and reputation on Instagram.

    Social Upgrade considered as botting technology by some renowned sources. Although they have covered almost every aspect to provide presentable solutions, still they lack legitimacy. The website of Social upgrade has misleading information to confirm subscriptions.

    Social Upgrade considered as botting technology by some renowned sources. Although they have covered almost every aspect to provide presentable solutions, still they lack legitimacy. The website of Social upgrade has misleading information to confirm subscriptions.

    Stay Safe and be authentic!

    Instagram Social Upgrade Review

    A review of Social Upgrade's Service

    We have removed our review of SocialUpgrade due to the potential of legal action by their company.

    IGReviews Overview: -/10.

    We have withdrawn our review on SocialUpgrade due ot potential of legal action. Below are public submissions on Social Upgrade.

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    Customer Reviews:

    Mike O |

    It's a scam! They keep taking money from me for 15 months, never responded when I reached out and finally when they did they gave a story that they had refunded me my money. Paypal said they never did and they could call them to do so. There are so many methods of refunding people when you know you've illegally collected money or collected under false pretense. A deliberate attempt to frustrate this knowing that you could not and did not provide intended service is fraud and they shouldn't be allowed to keep operating.

    Posted 4 July, 2018

    Alicia |

    I want a refund of this service. You are not what you said you would do. Your misrepresenting customers. Your just taking money. Please return my money for service I did not receive.

    Posted 2 July, 2018

    Flavia |

    This garbages are stealing money from your account even if you stop the comintment with them. They bring you Some shit upgrade , which dosn t have nothing to do with the lies they say that they target your area of interest. They have a stupid sistem, who give likes continuosly to people, people who dosn t have nothing to do with your business or interest . The grow is super slow and the followers are super cheap. I send them an email to cancel the comintment and they stoled 78$ from my account Yesterday. I was completly in Shock. Is insane! I must email PayPal to see if i can get refound and to block this abuze of this ******s.

    Posted 2 March, 2018

    Robert P |

    They where unprofessional they kept on taking my money and never delivered on there promise. They ignored all my emails threw my instagram following off balance.

    Posted 1 March, 2018

    Nelson, USA |

    Fails to deliver on what they promise; does not follow up with further emails even after you complete setup. Cancelled my recurring PayPal payments immediately after I saw this page, and have opened a dispute to reclaim my money. Stay away.

    Posted 1 March, 2018

    Lacey, USA |

    The biggest scam. I signed up for a one time service to test it out and see if it was legitimate. A few months later I see these mysterious recurring charges on my card. The email address that was available went unanswered and I had to cancel my card and report the charges as fraudulant to keep them from continually billing me. Eventually after my CC company contacted them a woman emailed me saying she was the boss and I wouldn’t get any money back unless I gave them personal information off of my computer. They fraudulently charged my credit card and would not do anything to work with me. The woman emailing me was very hostile and rude. I would advise anyone considering signing up for anything wth them to think again

    Posted 16 January, 2018

    Monja, BR |

    I'm disappointed, I paid and did everything what I needed to do. And now I have problems with "verification", I tried to contact them trough email but nothing happened. No answer and my money is wasted.

    Posted 5 January, 2018

    Pepe, ES |

    Terrible customer service. Got charged but never got my account linked to their systems. SCAM

    Posted 22 December, 2017

    Sarah, USA |

    I disagree with all of these reviews. I started getting followers the first day and they are real people. I am in no way affiliated with the company and I'm not getting anything to say this. I'm a paying customer. They don't post anything on my account and my contact is very responsive (usually responds to my emails within an hour). I don't understand where these negative reviews are coming from.

    Posted 1 December, 2017

    J. J., USA |

    What a complete SCAM! Stay away! They do absolutely nothing. Waited for several days and kept e-mailing them. When they FINALLY answered, they claim that they were doing "testing" so that their service would be better. Complete BS. They aren't doing "testing". That's just an excuse for them ripping you off and doing nothing.

    Posted 23 November, 2017

    Steven Baptista |

    SocialUpgrade is a SCAM! After upgrading they will not reply to your messages anymore and the platform is a joke! And trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I've been doing automation for over 5 years. It's the most inneffective platform our there. STAY AWAY FROM SOCIALUPGRADE!

    Posted 26 October, 2017

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