Is Stormlikes a Scam?
Our Stormlikes Review

Warning! Read our extensive Stormlikes review.

Stormlikes is an Instant like provider that claims to provide real people as likes, instantly. Upon testing these Instagram likes are fake.

Our Review process follows a strict protocol covering site security, current customer reviews, validity of the service, contact information and visible pricing information.

Our Stormlikes review will have a scale point system of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest. Stormlikes does not offer any coupon discounts or coupon codes.

Everybody wants to take their business at peaks, whereas it is not an easy task to accomplish in this competitor world. Instagram grabs the attention of people from all over the globe because it allows users to experience visual content attractively. You can get more outreach when a considerable amount of followers is there on your Instagram account.

Well, people keep on trying to search for the best ways to increase their follower's count, too often. In this regard, only third-party sources provide help and fulfill whatever your demand is. StormLikes review is done for you so that you can have an idea of what features and cons it has. You’ll also get to know whether StormLikes is safe for your Instagram account or not.

StormLikes Review

What is StormLikes?

StormLikes, as you know, is a third party service that offers instantaneous likes for your Instagram account. According to StormLikes review, they claim to deliver likes that are real, whereas after doing in-depth research the fact reveals that their likes are not real. Services of StormLikes are suspicious and appear to be as a bot. Although, Instagram bots are used frequently to grow the audience and engagement, but this technology is not acceptable as it is against the terms of services of Instagram. Well, there are more improved ways available in the market to enhance growth. Let’s have a look at the features, pros, and cons.

Main Features of StormLikes

According to the StormLikes review, the service claims to provide features that are persuasive and engaging to Instagram users. Most prominent features include:

  • Cheapest Rates

  • Real Likes

  • Instantaneous Delivery once your order is confirmed

  • Matching Likes and Views

  • Country Targeting

  • Gender Targeting

  • Professional Support

  • Random Likes

  • Automatic Detection of New Uploads

  • Speed Adjustment in case if you think likes are appearing too fast)

  • Cancel at any time for any reason

What Do They Cost?

StormLikes review shows that they offer customized services and rates. Usually, they want you to choose from one-time fees or sometimes-monthly plan charges. At first, they offer 50 likes free to test their service.

One Time Plan of Fee

You can choose between these two packages:

  • 100 Likes for $0.99

  • 250 Likes for $2.49

Monthly Plans Subscription

You can choose from these two packages:

  • 100 Likes for each Post at $14.99 per Month

  • 250 Likes for each Post at $19.99 per Month

A slider bar is also there at this plan to choose the services that you need while watching the prices.

Is StormLikes Safe?

StormLikes review has made some pros and cons of the website procedures and services.


  • The website of StormLikes has a secure HTTPS address.

  • They have clear and precise price plans.

  • StormLikes has a FAQ as well as Support page along with email form on their official website.

  • They have secured payment methods that are safe and approved.


  • They have fake reviews on their site.

  • They claim to provide real likes, but they are possibly fake.

  • The StromLikes review shows that they lack 24/7 support.

Bottom Line

Well, apparently the site is safe, but their services are not secure. If you connect your account with StormLikes, it might be possible that your account gets banned from Instagram or you can lose our status. So, it is risky to connect with the service. After reading this StormLikes review, nobody would like to avail the services of it.

Instagram Stormlikes Review

A review of Stormlikes's Service

IGReview has reviewed Stormlikess service and looked for reviews about there service. They have a good selection of "reviews" however there is no actual review, they just go directly to random Instagram pages. They may not be genuine.

Our Stormlikes review service followed these 7 areas;

Https secure site

Real onsite reviews

Visible prices

Verified Payment Gateways

FAQ and help page

24/7 customer support with active account managers on standby

Email, phone and form fill present on Stormlikes site

IGReviews Overview: 2/10.

We believe it is fair that Stormlikes is rewarded with 2/10.

This review is rated as such due to the fact the likes are indeed fake, but they are advertising as real genuine followers.

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Stormlikes Risk Factor

Stormlikes Risk Factor

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